La valentia i la memòria de 'El fotógrafo de Mauthausen', arriba als cinemes


The film, shot mostly on sets at the Audiovisual Park of Catalonia, will be released in cinemas on 26 October.

‘The Photographer of Mauthausen’ narrates the thrilling story of Francesc Boix, a prisoner at the Austrian concentration camp who risked his life by rescuing negatives depicting the cruelty of daily life in the camp. The film was produced by FILMAX, directed by Mar Tarragona and stars the excellent Mario Casas. The director and the production team found the ideal settings for the movie at the Terrassa-based studios, including the iconic former Chest Hospital and Mas Viver in Torrebonica. Paying great detail to and showing utmost respect for the original story, ‘The Photographer of Mauthausen’ was filmed over two months in 2017 in Terrassa, a UNESCO City of Film since last October.


With the help of a group of Spanish prisoners who lead the clandestine organisation of the Mauthausen concentration camp, Francesc Boix (Mario Casas), an inmate working in the photo laboratory, risks his life by planning to rescue some negatives that will prove to the world the inhuman cruelty committed by the Nazis in the hellhole of the Austrian concentration camp.

Thousands of negatives that show life as controlled by the harshness of a perverse system. The photographs that Boix and his fellow prisoners managed to rescue were decisive in condemning senior Nazi leaders during the Nuremberg trials in 1946. Boix was the only Spaniard who appeared as a witness.