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Hospital del Tòrax

ADRESS: Carretera BV 1274 - Km 1 - 08225 Terrassa
Ownership: Privada
CONTACT: Oriol Moreno
Telephone: 937875959

The old Hospital del Tòrax de Terrassa is located in the Audiovisual Park of Catalonia. It is a very unique location with multiple possibilities such as shooting set: long corridors, tile rooms, staircases, rooms of different sizes, etc. More than 50 thousand m2 of building with galleries and terraces, ideal for illuminating from the outside. In the ‘Thorax’, there have been numerous recreations of settings such as prisons, hotels, police stations, schools, hospitals, etc. The space offers a wide range of possibilities for recreating the most varied rooms, making it unique and attractive to production companies.

The inside of the hospital has healthy, open corners and also ageing spaces with a very marked and unique aesthetic. All of this, enjoying the production services offered by Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya, a production centre that houses platós, camerinos, costumes, makeup rooms, production rooms, etc.

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Hospital del Tòrax

Adress: Carretera BV 1274 - Km 1 - 08225 Terrassa

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