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Casa Alegre de Sagrera

ADRESS: Carrer de la Font Vella, 29, 08221 Terrassa, Barcelona
Ownership: Pública
CONTACT: Pere Claveria
Telephone: 34673319595

Large house in the center of the city, currently is a museum. Very interesting spaces of stately and period character, has large rooms with very different environments. The ground floor and the stairs are the most emblematic places with a very illuminated atmosphere with a gallery that facing the an interior half-tiled patio with a large fence to the Italian style gardens.


Shot in this location:

La Teranyina
Del bressol a la batalla‘ (TV movie)
‘El día de mañana’ Sèrie
‘Vides Privades’



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Casa Alegre de Sagrera

Adress: Carrer de la Font Vella, 29, 08221 Terrassa, Barcelona

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