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ADRESS: C/ Sant Pau, 6 - 08221 Terrassa
Ownership: Privada
CONTACT: Lucrecia Sánchez Chacón - Terrassa Film Office
Telephone: 683160633

The headquarters of the CECOT Terrassa business association, a space with classical-style offices and a very institutional building aspect, surrounded by gardens and with a very stately entrance, we should hilight a large room with a very interesting dome.

Shot in this location:

‘Vintage’ (serie)
‘Marlowe’ (cinema)
‘Los renglones torcidos de Dios’ (cinema)
De la Ley a la ley‘ (TV movie)
’23 F: el día más difícil del rey’ (TV)
‘Ford Widescope’ (publicitat)
Lifetime ‘The Tower of Women’ (Publicitat)

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Adress: C/ Sant Pau, 6 - 08221 Terrassa

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