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Mas Viver de Torrebonica

ADRESS: Disseminat Torrebonica, 1J, 08227 Torrebonica, Terrassa
Ownership: Privada
CONTACT: Oriol Moreno
Telephone: 937875959

Can Viver de Torrebonica is an old farmhouse and agricultural farm. converted, in the 20th century, into a sanatorium. Located in the neighborhood of Torrebonica, it is a monument of the municipality of Terrassa protected as a cultural asset of local interest. Aspect of great residence with an arrival road surrounded by trees gives it a very stately look. Its interior has very usable areas such as government, stately or hospital spaces. All the entrances of the estate have other spaces of great interest, large areas of farms with agricultural areas and indoor gardens in the same residence.

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Mas Viver de Torrebonica

Adress: Disseminat Torrebonica, 1J, 08227 Torrebonica, Terrassa

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